If you're having any trouble with Weo, please follow these steps.


Refresh your Page

Go back to the Weo website and refresh your page.  You can do this by pressing your browser's refresh button or by pressing  Ctrl+R on Windows or ⌘+R on Mac.

Update your Browser

Keeping your browser up to date will ensure that everything is working properly.  If you're not sure how to update your browser, visit this page for more instructions.

Try Chrome

Though Weo works on all modern browsers, Google Chrome will provide you and your class with the best experience.   Click here to download Chrome.

Disable Browser Add-ons or Extensions

Sometimes browsers have add-ons or extensions installed.  These may affect how your browser behaves on Weo as well as other websites.  Learn how to disable browser extensions for your browser by clicking here.

Contact your IT Department

Some schools may have firewalls or other software that blocks Weo from working properly.  Your IT department can enable full access to Weo for you and your class.


Still No Luck?!

You can always email us to get a response within about 24 hours or you could go back to Weo for free 1-on-1 support.  Just login to Weo and click the question mark in the bottom right corner to chat.  We're happy to help!