Answers to some oF our most frequently asked questions


1.  Why aren't scores showing up in my gradebook?

Scores only show up in the gradebook after you return an activity to your students. You can do this by clicking the blue Return button while grading an individual assignment.  Or you can do it in bulk from the activity's Student Progress page.

2.  How much does this cost?

Weo is completely free for teachers and students!

3.  Can I transfer grades from Weo into my gradebook?

Weo allows you to export your grades into a downloadable spreadsheet file.  If your software supports transferring of grades, you should be able to use the file to upload your Weo scores into your current gradebook.

4.  How can I move students from one class to another?

Students can join another class from their account. Whenever you create a new class, you will receive a class code.  Students can use this code to join your new class.  Then remove them from your current class to complete the transfer.

5.  Can students use the same account with two different teachers?

Yes, student's can use class codes to join as many classes as they like.  They will be able to access each class from one account using one username and password.  There's no need to create multiple accounts for your students!

6.  How can I use mathematical notation and symbols in my questions?

All mathematical notation should be wrapped in dollar signs.  Below are some examples:

9 squared is written as $$ 9^2 $$

3 over 5 is written as $$ \frac{3}{5} $$

The square root of 81 is written as $$ \sqrt{81} $$

For more examples, click the question mark to the right of where you type your question when creating an activity.

7. How do your pronounce Weo?

Weo is pronounce wee-oh.



Please contact us if you have any more questions!