Profile Sections

  1. Boards
    • This is where you save and organize all the content you create or pin.   Create boards for lessons, assessments, and homework – or create different boards for classes and subjects. Organize your material your way! 
    • All Activities you have liked will show up here.  To like an activity click the button with the heart icon on it.
    • Anyone who is following you or any of your Boards will show up in the Followers section.
  4. Following
    • Anyone you are following or who's Boards you are following will show up in the Following section.
  5. Stream
    • The stream shows a list of you Activity on Weo.  It shows when you pin or like an activity, change your profile picture, follow someone new, etc.

My Profile

You can also edit various sections of your Profile to let the Weo community know more about you.  You can change your Avatar, Name, Description, and your Profile Color.  Change any of these parts of your profile by clicking directly on the section you'd like to edit.