5 platforms to help you stay organized this school year

With so much to keep track of in the classroom, it can be hard to stay organized.  Below are 5 platforms that make staying organized easier for teachers: 

Pocket: Bookmark different articles to keep them organized for easy reference when you have time to read them.

Sunrise: This calendar app keeps your schedule in one place in a easy to use interface.  

Any.do: The app helps you cross things off your to-do lists and can be accessed via mobile and web.

Evernote: Take notes, send notes, and keep them in one place.  Sync your mobile device and web application seamlessly.

Weo: Yours truly.  Use Weo to auto grade assignments for your students, organize your curriculum, and create stunning interactive student activities.  You can sign up here.


Which do you particularly like? Let us know in the comments below.

Get More Done with Weo!

We're excited to introduce all the new features we've been working on at Weo.



You can now follow your friends and other teachers to see what activities they're creating for their classes.  See a feed of all your friends' activity whenever you log in.

Common Core Aligned

Find assignments that are common core aligned.  Each assignment that is tagged with a common core standard now has a badge to let you easily find and identify it.  Need more activities for a specific standard, just use our search to see what everyone else is creating, sharing, assigning and talking about.


Easily discover new activities and teachers by searching by grade, subject, standard, or any keyword you can think of.  Find great assignments and save them for later or assign them directly to your class.

Revamped Interface

Weo has never been simpler to use.  With our new streamlined interface you can navigate our app with ease.  Get anywhere within the app with just a few simple clicks.


Login to see what else we've been working on and get ready for the new year.

Back to School

Get your classes ready for the new school year!

We've been working hard and are very excited to be announcing a whole new way of using and interacting with Weo.  You can now share your activities with other teachers and pin them so they're ready when you need them!

Plan ahead by adding your assignments, lessons, and exams ahead of time.  When you're ready, your teaching material will just be a click away from assigning to your class.  You'll even be able to discover activities that other teachers have created and shared with the Weo community already.